Newtown: A Week Later- Two Years Later


It’s the second anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook, and it feels almost like a holy day to me.  I want to hug my kids closer, hold my husbands hand, hunker down in my house and be safe and together. So, I won’t. I’m remembering the promises I made, and even thought I TRY […]

Be More Than a Bystander


If I had know then what I know now, maybe my daughter would not have tried to kill herself. Maybe, if I had spoken to her more about bullying and known how different it really is these days,  she wouldn’t have lost basically 2 years of her life. Really, the whole family lost two years […]

Win a Windows 8.1 Tablet!

No need to sit on Santa’s lap this year to get that new tablet you have been wanting. Nope, you can either buy an HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet on Amazon or you can enter to win one here… or Both! This is an awesome little tablet, that is sure to make anyone smile […]

Thankful to GiveForward.


Thanksgiving is a few days away. I’ve spent some time thinking about what food I’m making, and if I should leave early to my Mother-in-laws to beat an upcoming snowstorm. I was stressing over what kind of stuffing and pies to make, and when to start baking. Then something I read put it all in […]

Thankful-Whole Foods


So, you know how you offer to host Thanksgiving and then all of a sudden it’s like November and you realize you HAVE SO MUCH TO DO! Like- clean the entire house, in and out, making it “mother-in-law” clean? Plus plan a table scape and make sure everyone has someplace to sleep and you have […]

Sharing Thanks With Our Pups!


Disclosure: Post sponsored by Lunchbox but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure. Pets are more than just animals in our house- they’re family.  I was really excited when  Walmart offered us us a chance to  use our dog’s favorite treats to show them JUST HOW  thankful we are for them. […]