5 signs of lack of exercise



Sport is a necessity. If you don’t meet this need, the body will ask for it yourself. The body will provide a variety of signs so you move immediately. If you have this, you should not ignore it again. What signs do you lack of exercise? This is the review.


  1. Always tired

If you feel tired all the time, even if you have enough to eat and sleep, maybe all you need is exercise.

The researchers say, these findings indicate that regular exercise will have a direct effect on the central nervous system to combat fatigue, even as much as 65 percent

Apparently, the more often exercise makes mitochondria (the part that produces energy in cells) more and more. This means, the body will have more and more energy reserves, so it won’t get tired quickly.

  1. The body feels sore

Have you ever felt when you wake up in the morning, suddenly your back, knees, or shoulders hurt? Even though you don’t run out of heavy activities. Well if so, this can also be a sign that you lack exercise.

Sometimes this aches makes people postpone to exercise. Whereas on the contrary, when this happens the body gives a signal to be moved.

By moving the muscles, the joints will relax and the blood flows more smoothly to all parts of the body, thus reducing pain.

  1. Feel insistent stress

Have you felt stressed lately? Think about things, worry, fear of this or that? This caution can also be a sign the body really needs exercise.

By exercising, you will feel more calm and happy. Exercise increases levels of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are natural hormones that will give a feeling of pleasure and calm.

So, after exercise your mood will be much better because of the presence of these hormones.

  1. Never feel full

Maybe you think that by not exercising the body will save energy so you don’t get hungry easily, just the opposite. When you feel constantly hungry, this can be a sign that you lack exercise.

So, when you lack exercise, your body will feel tired. Well, a tired body can actually produce more ghrelin (a hormone that regulates hunger sensors). The amount of this hormone causes you to want to eat more throughout the day.

Exercise is a good appetite suppressant. People who exercise regularly will be able to control the hormone better, so that the feeling of hunger is maintained.

  1. Constipation or constipation

Do you often experience constipation or constipation? This may be a sign that you are also not exercising, not just eating less fibrous food. Exercise helps smooth the digestive system movement. When a person lacks exercise, his body’s digestion process will also slow down.

Especially people who have a lot of visceral fat (abdominal fat or abdominal fat) and experience irregular bowel movements, the risk of colorectal cancer will increase.