FitnessGlo – Finding Time for Fitness!

When I was offered an opportunity to  try out FitnessGlo as a Fitfluential ambassador, I thought, Sure, I’ll try it. Why not?  Maybe it will help me stay on track.  I never realized it would be the ONLY think keeping me somewhat on track at all!  ( Don’t MISS THE GIVEAWAY for a free 90 membership to FitnessGlo on the bottom of this post!)


Since I am 42 and do not have small babies, I feel badly about saying I can’t get to the gym because of my kids.  I know there are wonderful moms out there who are at home with babies feeling badly that they can’t get to the gym, or out for a walk, or  any kid of workout going on because they are busy dealing with kids and CANNOT GET OUT.  I remember those days. However, now that my kids are 14 and 11, I shouldn’t have that problem.  Especially since I’m a work from home mom who’s job is writing for goodness sake, therefore I set up my own hours.  I should be able to get to the gym, or out for a walk around my EXACTLY ONE MILE block, right?


Because even if you your kids are 14 and 11, when they are sick, they want Mama. BOTH of my kids have been sick and  it’s involved a hospital or two,  multiple steroids, breathers, inhalers, and an OR. And no workouts. Until I remembered the FitnessGlo site and logged in.

OMG. I have been SAVED people!

FitnessGlo is a one stop gym in your house.   This site sets you up and  there is NO reason to fail. The workouts are phenomenal. Scared you can’t keep up?  Only have 10 minutes?  No problem!  You can  pick your workout by style,  teacher, level and duration.  Worried its going to be too much for you?   don’t be!   This site was developed for women, by women, and they GET US. This is what FitnessGlo has to say:

FitnessGlo was designed to change the way you feel about fitness. Many fitness programs get very complicated, very quickly and before you know it you’re tracking so many different factors, it’s easy to lose your way or decide to skip your workout altogether. Our goal is to keep it simple: find a workout, do the workout.

Yes, THIS.   I have been able to fit in workouts as I can.   I’ve been home with a sick kid, or it’s been raining or brutally hot out. Instead of just giving up on sweating it out, I’ve been tossing in  workouts on FitnessGlo.    I haven’t been following any real patterns, just choosing workouts that look good to me.  They have a bunch of different instructors- I, personally, LOVE Jeffrey Scott – his style is exactly what I need. However, this week I am starting an 8-Week program on FitnessGlo to provide a little structure to jump-­start my routine!   I’m starting the beginner 8 week program, which is geared toward those  who haven’t worked out in a while or have never worked out. This 8-week plan starts out slowly & takes time for rest days, which  helps build endurance gradually over time!   WOOT!  That is EXACTLY what  I am about!  Getting back on track!   This is week one:

  • Monday:1000 steps
  • Tuesday REST
  • Wednesday: Elevate your Energy
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Lift your Energy
  • Saturday: Seated Sculpt
  • Sunday: Dance for Energy

I can SO do this!  Each week builds on itself and  then once the 8 week program is done, you can move on to the next one.  Don’t think that FitnessGlo only offers beginning classes. There are classes and programs for ALL levels!  I am excited to have this program available.   I’ll be  doing my daily workout and tracking how I’m doing right here- so keep coming back to check on me!  Let’s see what 8 weeks will do!

YOU can try out FitnessGlo with a 15 day free trial, AND I’m  giving away a FREE 90 day membership.


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I love how FitnessGlo helps me get a workout in when I have limited time and space.  I do it in my office, even when I only have 10 minutes!   Good Luck with the giveaway,and remember, there is a 15 day free trial if you can’t wait to get started!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post by Fitfluential, LLC. All opinions and thoughts are my own!


  1. I love the idea of any tool helping women get some calorie burn in! However, what keeps ME from working out is the very thing I’m using to leave this comment: the computer. I can waste time in front of a computer screen like nobody’s business!

  2. Like the previous comment the computer is my downfall, that and well myself. I have no motivation and if I workout or run ONLY when motivated to, it’s maybe once a week. Better than nothing, but isn’t getting me anywhere, especially with all the eating out we have been doing lately.

  3. Getting out of the house when I have so much to do can be my downfall. I am pretty sick of my DVD collection so fitness glo would be a great option for me.

  4. Time. Never Have Enough.

  5. Trying to find the time after working all day and going to school…..

  6. shannon Baas says:

    the energy,.

  7. Laziness. Sheer laziness keeps me from getting started

  8. Maria S says:

    Usually Im too lazy, or tired, or have other things to do

  9. I spend about 2.5 hours on the road each day as a part of my commute, so that eats up a lot of free time in my day for other things, like proper exercise. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Marissa M says:

    Laziness for sure!

  11. my health

  12. I think my lazy butt is what keeps me from working out!!! Need to change that!!

  13. Well, I am that momma with 2 little ones, pregnant, and working full time…SO…I use that as an excuse. It is not a good one though, because those kids need me healthy. I look forward to checking this out!

  14. For me there are multiple reasons: We live over 30 minutes away from the nearest town and gym (dh goes, but he goes before or after work). We also live on a limited budget so that I can stay home with the kids until the youngest goes to school, so I don’t have the budget to go to the gym that far daily or even 3 times a week for that matter. Also, don’t have the funds for a gym. DVD player broke, so I can’t use my workout videos. I am not sad about all of this because I get to be home with my darling children. I am doing old school stuff like pushups, crunches, leg lifts, etc because I refuse to completely stop. I need this to help me figure it out at home since I can’t go elsewhere.

  15. Mint Clare Dew says:

    I love the idea of an at home gym. My family is in a financial crisis that limits our budget. I want to workout at home because I cannot afford a gym membership. I love to dance ad I see they have some interesting Barre classes, and fitness with Ilyse, one of the instructors!

  16. Darrah Bailey says:

    UGH.. Laziness…

  17. Wow, I’ll have to check this out. I’m 40 and DO have two small kids but they aren’t usually the reason I don’t exercise. That reason is, um, laziness. No excuse, really.

  18. That sounds great. I am trying to get back into a regular exercise routine and am having trouble motivating myself to get outside (the summer weather has definitely arrived) – this sounds like something that could help me out.

  19. When I’m in pain, it stops me. I need to push through and just do it!

  20. Crystal F says:

    My daughter. She won’t go to the daycare at the Y. She’s never really been away from us except for school and has a hard time being without us. Thank you!

  21. You know, I would FIND the time to go to the gym, but I don’t want to PAY to go to the gym!

    I love the concept of the FitnessGlo!

  22. Amy Martin says:

    laziness. supposed lack of time.

  23. Hailie J says:

    Laziness! If I am inside I am relaxing. It would be nice for some inspiration on days that are too hot or yucky out to do anything.

  24. My daughter and I try to go to the gym, but with her crazy work schedule it’s not on a regular basis.

  25. tina reynolds says:

    energy, time, 3 small kids

  26. Rebecca Peters says:

    having to run around and do errands stops me

  27. Katy C. says:

    I’m a bum…

  28. Samantha says:

    My work schedule stops me from working out. It’s such a poor excuse, I know. This would help me have a daily routine to keep up with!

  29. Caitlin Myers says:

    My 3 month old baby girl. It’s hard to get time.

  30. Savannah miller says:

    My kids they are 2 and 5. Its hard to find baby sitter and the “Free” time I do have I feel as if I use it to clean and catch up on house work.

    Working out at home is something I could def. fit into my day though :)

  31. Danielle says:

    Long days at the office keep me from wanting to work out. Luckily I have a gym in the building where I work, so I go down a flight of stairs and there is no excuse to not exercise. Fitnessglo would be good in the mornings before work at home.

  32. I don’t know how to get started sometimes.

  33. My schedule changes from day to day, so my workout schedule has to be really flexible. That’s why I like the format of FitnessGlo. Great prize!

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