Five Reasons You Should See a Dentist

Having a set of healthy pearly whites brings a sense of pride to the beholder and eases the anxiety of social interactions. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a beautiful smile as many people are dogged with dental problems that erode their confidence. Perfect oral hygiene notwithstanding, the human dental formula is susceptible to damage triggered by internal and external factors. Even if your teeth are seemingly in perfect shape, here are five reasons for seeing a dentist this summer:

Discolored Teeth

This is one of the most prevalent dental problems that affect even those who religiously take care of their teeth. Contrary to popular belief, tea is a bigger culprit for teeth discoloration that coffee. This is attributed to particular tannins that are present in tea. Regular smokers are also prone to having stained teeth. A dentist will give your teeth a thorough scrub and do some oil pulling to keep them from staining.

Prevent Loss of Teeth

Aside from yellowing teeth, missing teeth is another major issue that can badly affect your smile and subsequently your self-esteem. Regular dental checkups provide preventative care, professional teeth cleaning, and fluoride treatments to keep your teeth healthy and strong. This is also a chance to get dental hygiene tips from a professional.

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)

TMD is a disorder where the patient experiences unyielding pressure or tenderness in the jaw. This debilitating pain increases during chewing and may spread to affect facial muscles. In extreme cases, the person may be unable to open or close their mouth which is frustrating, to say the least. TMD often results from habits such as grinding teeth or misalignment in the dental formula. A dentist will effectively diagnose TMD and launch a course of action to correct these issues.

Chipped or broken teeth

Tooth chipping often results from biting something hard, neglected cavities, trauma on facial muscles, or even advancement in age. Regardless of whether you are in pain or not, chipped teeth can trigger sensitivity when you consume hot or cold food and drinks. In due course, these problems escalate to a seething pain that can keep you from having meals or even sleeping. Cosmetic dentistry will even sharp edges and apply a filling to cover cracks.

It’s been a While

For most people, visiting a dentist is not part of our routines and therefore, we hold off until something problems are well underway. The American Heart Association’s (AHA) surmises that dental screening helps to ward off the risk of heart ailments. If you can’t recall when your last dental appointment was, you are indeed due for a visit. Look up dental clinic le mars IA and make an appointment as soon as possible before this slips your mind again.

Taking care of your teeth is a combination of personal and professional effort. Aside from minding what you eat or drink, brush and floss your teeth on the regular. Lastly, see a dentist at least every six months. Even the slightest improvement to your mouth will leave you exuding self-confidence.