Naughty Elf on the Shelf Ideas!


A guest post from my friend Adam!


Creepy-ElfI don’t know if the Elf on the Shelf creeps me out or if it is something I think is absolutely fun to do, but everyone is loving it.  In particular, they are loving posting pictures of naughty Elves on Shelves.  Here are 5 bad Elf on the Shelf ideas that you can use to get your kids to laugh and also have some fun with them.


1.Unwrapping your presents.


This is a fun one for you to do.  Take a boring present or something your kids might not like like a pair of kids pajamas  and have the elf unwrapping them.  Make sure your kid’s name is on the pj’s or the present and that way if they look in, they’ll be somewhat disappointed.  You can then comment about how kids who look at presents don’t always get toys, but when Christmas comes around and they open up the “pajamas” you’ll have already replaced it with a pair they already have and a cool gift wrapped up inside them.  Now a gift they thought they were going to hate turns into an awesome one, mainly because they were good elves this year.


2.Eating Santa’s cookies.


Everyone knows that you need to leave cookies out for Santa if you want him to come to your house and leave you the best presents.  Unfortunately your Elf of the Shelf loves to snack at night as well.  When you are baking cookies with your kids, make sure they know which ones are for Santa and two nights before Christmas, you can have the Elf eat the cookies and sit on the empty plate.   It gives you an excuse to wear your favorite holiday aprons  and to bake more cookies.  I don’t think your kids will mind making more cookies either since cookie dough is awesome before Christmas eve.


3.Lipstick on the mirror.


Just because they dress like an elf doesn’t mean they don’t love fashion and to play with makeup.  One fun naughty Elf on the Shelf thing you can do is a poem about brushing your teeth before Santa comes because no one likes bad breathe.  You can do it in lipstick or something else that is in the bathroom that won’t ruin the mirror and have your elf holding the tube when your kids wake up.  You can even have him sitting on the edge of the sing.  Washable bathroom crayons are also a good option.


4.Family photos.


Another fun Elf on the Shelf is to take a family photo above the fireplace or wherever you have them and cut out an picture of an Elf on the Shelf head to place over a family member.  Another option is to cut out his entire body and that way you can have him added into the photo.  It’s a funny one for the kids and they’ll wonder how he magically appeared in the picture.

5.Going through Mom’s purse.


One thing that no little Elf should do is go through Mom’s purse.  You can leave a note saying was going to go shopping, but your card was to big to carry and spill change everywhere.  Another funny one is to build a small house out of $1 bills and then build a small pathway out of pennies and dimes up to the house where the Elf is hiding inside.  You can use other things that your kids know are in your purse to decorate the house.  This is a funny one that your kids will love.


Having an Elf on the Shelf is a scary thing.  I still don’t think I know how to deal with them, but they are kind of fun to have if you have kids around.  They also make fun posts for Facebook and pictures to share with your friends.  If you have a favorite Elf on the Shelf photo or idea, feel free to share it below.  I don’t actually have one for my house because I fear them, but at the same time, I think it’s an awesome idea.


Adam is a blogger who loves to help people find everything from Broadway gifts the perfect show to see.


  1. At the recommendation of other pntears and the positive reviews on amazon, I bought the Elf on the Shelf box set. I was genuinely excited to play this game with my 4-year-old son, who is totally into the Santa concept this year.Before showing it to him (thank goodness) I read the book and then promptly returned the box set. Besides the fact that the toy itself was kind of cheap looking, I was deeply troubled by the strong threatening consumerism/materialistic messaging be good or you won’t get what you want for Christmas and that Santa won’t come unless you get good reports from the elf, as presented in the book. The messaging is strongly judgmental and focused on good and bad, concepts that are important to discuss, but I don’t believe in this hazy context of threats and ultimatums, as the book presents. I know there are other ways to discipline and control behavior than to threaten doom and gloom on the most exciting day of the year for many little kids. Why not focus on the positive aspects of Christmas, rather than instilling anxiety? I mean really, if your kid is bad, are you not going to give him/her the present he/she wanted, that you already bought? Just some food for thought.I realize a lot of people enjoy EOTS; to each his/her own. Like some other reviews here, I recommend asking the pntears before giving this as a gift, since it does involve parenting philosophies. There are other options to Elf on the Shelf.I went to the Hallmark store and was delighted to find Everett the Elf, a much more positive and open ended elf-centric holiday toy/game. This elf lost his shoe while scouting chimney sizes for Santa. In the accompanying story, there is no mention of good or bad behavior. Every day I put a little surprise in the magic shoe for my son. One day it was a couple of magic chocolate coins, the next day, Everett brought news that we were going to the grandparents’ house to decorate their Christmas tree. Much more fun for all than repeating the threats of the elf is watching and reporting to Santa!

  2. the elf on the self is so selfish he drawson your face and broks your tv mine did 5there is lots more

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