NutritionTo be certain that all women and youngsters have the nutrition they need to dwell healthy and productive lives.

The nutritional data relies on Au Bon Pain’s customary recipes and particular person objects may differ depending on plenty of variables including variations in measurement and portioning which might be inevitable when gadgets are made by hand. Other elements that may cause actual nutritional values to differ embody variations in serving sizes, preparation methods, ingredient substitutions and modifications in provide sources. Because of this we can’t guarantee the nutrition content is exactly correct. We base the values we publish on info supplied to us by our suppliers and our personal evaluation using industry standard software program, revealed assets and/or testing.

Excess water consumption, without replenishment of sodium and potassium salts, results in hyponatremia , which may further result in water intoxication at more harmful levels. A nicely-publicized case occurred in 2007, when Jennifer Strange died whereas taking part in a water-ingesting contest. 122 More usually, the condition occurs in lengthy-distance endurance occasions (resembling marathon or triathlon competition and coaching) and causes gradual psychological dulling, headache, drowsiness, weakness, and confusion; excessive circumstances may result in coma, convulsions, and loss of life. The primary harm comes from swelling of the brain, attributable to increased osmosis as blood salinity decreases. Fluid substitute techniques which might improve risk of over-hydration include water support stations throughout running/biking races, trainers providing water throughout staff sports practices and games, and gadgets akin to water-containing backpacks with a built-in consuming tube.

A dramatic instance of the effect of food processing on a population’s well being is the historical past of epidemics of beri-beri in folks subsisting on polished rice. Removing the outer layer of rice by sharpening it removes with it the essential vitamin thiamine , inflicting beri-beri. Another instance is the event of scurvy among infants within the late 19th century within the United States. It turned out that the overwhelming majority of sufferers had been being fed milk that had been heat-treated (as steered by Pasteur ) to control bacterial illness. Pasteurisation was efficient towards micro organism, but it destroyed the vitamin C.

Canada’s Food Guide is one other instance government-run nutrition program. Produced by Health Canada , the guide advises food quantities, supplies schooling on balanced nutrition, and promotes physical activity in accordance with authorities-mandated nutrient wants. Like other nutrition applications around the globe, Canada’s Food Guide divides nutrition into four important meals groups: greens and fruit, grain merchandise, milk and options, and meat and alternatives. ninety two It is interesting to notice that, in contrast to its American counterpart, the Canadian information references and provides various to meat and dairy, which will be attributed to the rising vegan and vegetarian movements.