My Plans for 2014

Every New Year I think about what I’d like to happen in the upcoming year, and every New year’s Eve I think about how I failed. I hate being a failure – or thinking of myself as a failure. I think about all the things I did RIGHT and how I used to let those things I didn’t do overshadow the things I DID do.   And often, I’d set goals  that were not right goals for me.. Even if I never wrote them down, I would make these “resolutions” in my head and in my heart, and when I failed I broke my own heart a little bit.  I’m tired of disappointing myself. This year is going to be different.  Oh, I still have goals. They’re pretty lofty.  They will challenge me, in some ways, more than I’ve ever been challenged before.  And I’m going to be brave and write them down and share them with everyone so I can be held accountable.  (Yes, this blogging thing DOES hold me somewhat accountable) So, here goes: Title Text   That’s it!  They all have more meaning than you’d think.  I’ll be explaining them to you this week, But, there are my goals. I’m proud of them.  And I am sure I can keep them, this time. Have you made resolutions for the New Year?  What are they?  I’d love to hear all about it!


  1. Love these, Wendy!! Especially the first one. That is something I really need to work on.

  2. I absolutely love your goals Wendy! I think many of us need to focus on our inside and the outside will come.

  3. It’s best to set realistic goals, as they are easier to accomplish. I never set resolutions anymore. Only because a couple years ago my resolution was to lose 30lbs. Exercised regularly the whole year and ended up stuck at a 7lbs loss for that whole year, then gained it back. This past January I decided I was not setting goals. To date I have lost almost 15lbs, have kept it off and have been eating healthier.

  4. Those are some well-rounded, healthy goals. Happy new year!

  5. Great list. What a challenge you have set for yourself Yourself.

  6. All of your goals resonate with me, too. I am making some personal and other changes in 2014 and I think setting attainable goals is very important.

  7. Move my body every day…there’s one I need to make sure I do in the new year!! :)

  8. I love the challenge yourself to do things one – I think you can really apply this to any aspect of your life and end up much happier as a result!

  9. Awesome list, and your goals are all SMART goals. Best wishes in 2014!

  10. I want to be more active in my community and reach out more to those in need.

  11. Awesome goals and some that I need to make for myself!

  12. I love these! They are so real, so honest. And all of them are things I am going to work on this year too!

  13. I love, love, love your goals. Really! I try to make mine along the same lines- things I really want to focus on, but that aren’t specific enough for me to “fail” at.

  14. Those are truly great goals! I think I need to make a list of goals for myself too!

  15. My new year I just want to be happy~! thats it. So its simple.

  16. Love your goals. I need to set some myself. I do want to increase my income this year.

  17. I saw this list on pinterest. They really are great goals.

  18. Those are all great goals, but that first one is the most important of all. Whether you fail or succeed at the other goals, just love who you are and everything else will eventually fall into place!

  19. Wendy, I love these goals and they all look attainable and positive! Thank you for linking up with me and I look forward to checking in with you throughout the year to see how you’re progressing!

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