The Best Menstrual Cup in Australia

For decades, women have limited options when it comes to feminine hygiene products. Menstrual period products such as sanitary napkins and tampons simply don’t get the job done right. In addition, these products may potentially cause harm to the reproductive organs, not to mention damage caused to the environment.

Why is Diva Cup the best menstrual cup in Australia?

Diva Cup is the first menstrual cup introduced in the market that promises to give women a better period experience. The pioneering innovation that is the Diva Cup has been around for more than a decade. The menstrual cup was created to solve the common period woes that women have, as well as provide an eco-friendly solution to the mounting problems of using traditional feminine hygiene products such as sanitary napkins and tampons.

The Diva Cup is not only the leading brand of menstrual cups in Australia, but all around the globe. It’s the answer to the ever-growing concerns of women using napkins and tampons during their menstrual cycle. The Diva period cup meets the growing demand for healthier, more sustainable feminine hygiene products. Although the market is now saturated with menstrual cups from other brands, Diva Cup is still regarded to be the best in the business for the following reasons:

  • Diva International, Inc. is a certified B corporation which means that the business is geared towards the creation of quality feminine hygiene products and more.
  • The Diva Cup was designed with comfort, convenience, and cost-effectiveness in mind. It’s made from quality and safe materials that will not irritate the vaginal canal and other parts of the reproductive system.
  • The Diva Cup comes in two sizes; Diva Cup 1 for women who have not had babies and those under the age of 30 and Diva Cup 2 for those who have had children and women over the age of 30.
  • This menstrual cup is made from non-toxic, silicone-based materials so it will not irritate your skin or vaginal canal.
  • It’s environmentally-friendly, thus helping in efforts to reduce your carbon footprint. You help by reducing the number of tampons and napkins that are hard to break down in landfills.
  • The odour inhibiting Diva Cup helps you hold off all unpleasant smells inside the cup, so you feel fresh all day long.

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